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Lead to Soar

Mar 25, 2021

Guest Bio: Libby Mears is the CEO of Leisure Networks and over the past 8 years has driven transformative change, significantly extending the reach and impact of the organization. Libby is well-known for her passion for enabling a high performing and positive culture and has built a highly regarded...

Mar 18, 2021

On episode 19 of Lead to Soar, Susan Colantuono, Michelle Redfern, and Mel Butcher sit down for a discussion on confidence... What is confidence? Where does confidence come from? How do you get it? Where does traditional advice on confidence go wrong?

Mar 11, 2021

Be Known and Strategic Networks Matter 
Florence restarted her career (late) after she worked out she needed to do something more with her life. 
She took a risk, began a job in mining (because it paid well) and then worked out that this could take her and her community places.
Florence values a mindset of abundance,...

Mar 4, 2021

About Nina Patil: 

Patil started career as a social worker. She became involved in business through her marriage, and is now a successful 26 year tenured CEO.
Patil experienced a rocky start in business, but she was open to learning and really valued having a mentor to help her close her gaps, particularly around...