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Lead to Soar

Feb 20, 2023

Lead to Soar! is a production of A Career that Soars! Welcome to our "BEST OF SERIES".

Molly Beck spend her days running Messi FM which is a B2B internal podcasting platform for companies to use podcast to talk to their employees. Molly also wrote the networking guidebook Reach Out, Reach Out, is about how to create a community around your work.

The strategy it focuses on is sending one message every weekday to someone on the edge of your network. This is a practice Molly has been doing since 2012, and it has transformed her career and life.




Bio for Mel Butcher

Mel Butcher is a consulting engineer focused on growing business through serving enterprise industrial clients in the environmental, water, and sustainability spaces.  In her free time, she is a host inside A Career That Soars! and on the Lead to Soar! podcast where she supports women in achieving their highest career ambitions. Mel is a goal advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the engineering and industrial world. She also gives time to supporting young engineers early in their career. Reach out here.