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Lead to Soar

Jun 19, 2022

Lead to Soar! is a production of A Career that Soars!

In this episode of L2S!, we discuss how we want leaders to interact with HR to support women, how we want HR to call bullshit on workplace fuckery, and what exactly is a Fuckeroni Pizza? All this and more in this energetic conversation with "Not the HR LAdy" Tara Furiani.

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Guest Tara Furiani Bio:

I'm Tara Furiani and after spending 20 years in the corporate world of work, 12 of those as an International Chief People Officer, I founded Not the HR Lady, A ‘People’ Consultancy Firm, a Popular Web Series & Podcast, Learning Community and a movement toward… All Things People. No BS.

My mission is simple… to create an on-going dialogue and affect change related to previously thought of as “taboo” topics for the workplace (like bullying, racism, good old boys’ clubs, brilliant a**holes, and more) that often marginalize, harm & oppress Women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ employees.

Companies all over the world hire my successful 'People Firm' to aid with: Business Strategy & Executive Team Building, Board Facilitator, HR & DEIB Consulting, C-Level Coaching & Executive Brand Management, to Speak at Events (virtual and live), to help them find the right executives for their organizations and, to change their business through people.

I hold several certifications, including Predictive Index, DiSC, Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, Meyers-Briggs and more. I also have my BBA in Marketing, an MS in Organizational Leadership, and 2nd MS in Psychology.

I've recently wrote my first book, F*ck Your Office Snacks and am working on a 2nd book & learning series called Don't Suck As A Boss.

I spend my free time with my seven children (5 bio, 2 adopted, Single Parent) and our fun family team enjoys traveling (before COVID-19), dark hide and seek, going to the lake, making music together, scary movies, dance parties, roller coasters, and cooking together.

Bio for Mel Butcher

Mel Butcher is a consulting engineer focused on growing business through serving enterprise industrial clients in the environmental, water, and sustainability spaces.  In her free time, she is a host inside A Career That Soars! and on the Lead to Soar! podcast where she supports women in achieving their highest career ambitions. Mel is a goal advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion in the engineering and industrial world. She also gives time to supporting young engineers early in their career. Reach out here.

Michelle Redfern's Bio:

Michelle is the founder of Advancing Women, an enterprise providing research and advisory services on workplace gender equality, inclusion and diversity. She is co-host of A Career that Soars! the founder of women’s network Women Who Get It  co-founder of CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) and host of the Lead to Soar podcast.

Michelle is an experienced Non-Executive Director with Board and advisory roles in the finance, sport, for purpose and supply chain sectors. She is a proud Ambassador for Flexible Working Day and Girls Uniform Agenda. She has held executive leadership roles at ASX & FTSE listed companies NAB, Telstra and Serco during her 30-year corporate career.

Michelle is a Graduate of the AICD, holds an Executive MBA (Distinction) and holds various accreditations in organisational diversity and coaching. She is an in-demand speaker and is a regular contributor to the discussion and advocate for gender equality and inclusion in sport and business workplaces.