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Lead to Soar

Jul 4, 2022

Lead to Soar! is a production of A Career that Soars!

In this episode of L2S!, Dr. Catriona Wallace is our guest. Catriona is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned CEO. She talks with Michelle about why we need more women in AI, and how she has thrived in the manosphere of AI, STEM, and Venture Capitalism. Catriona also gives women some absolute gold about what great CEOs know and do.

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Guest Dr. Catriona Wallace Bio:

Dr. Catriona Wallace is recognized as an entrepreneur in the artificial intelligence and machine learning fields. Catriona also has a global reputation as a leading practitioner, speaker, and media commentator on Responsible Technology, AI ethics, and the future of work. Dr. Wallace is the CEO of ethical AI advisory, the chair of venture capital fund Boab AI, and she was the founder of Flamingo AI and machine learning company with headquarters in New York and Sydney. Dr. Wallace has been recognized by the Australian Financial Review as the most influential woman in business and entrepreneurship in 2018. And as the FinTech leader, and overall excellence in finance award by women in finance, 2018

Michelle Redfern's Bio:

Michelle is the founder of Advancing Women, an enterprise providing research and advisory services on workplace gender equality, inclusion and diversity. She is co-host of A Career that Soars! the founder of women’s network Women Who Get It  co-founder of CDW (Culturally Diverse Women) and host of the Lead to Soar podcast.

Michelle is an experienced Non-Executive Director with Board and advisory roles in the finance, sport, for purpose and supply chain sectors. She is a proud Ambassador for Flexible Working Day and Girls Uniform Agenda. She has held executive leadership roles at ASX & FTSE listed companies NAB, Telstra and Serco during her 30-year corporate career.

Michelle is a Graduate of the AICD, holds an Executive MBA (Distinction) and holds various accreditations in organisational diversity and coaching. She is an in-demand speaker and is a regular contributor to the discussion and advocate for gender equality and inclusion in sport and business workplaces.