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Lead to Soar

Apr 17, 2022

Lead to Soar! is a production of A Career that Soars!

Recorded live in 2021, this is an interview not to miss if you want to learn from an expert about how to not only get onto a board but how to be a boardroom star.  Bev has significant wisdom to share with us, no matter what career stage (board or management) we are at.

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About Beverley
Beverly Behan has worked with nearly 200 Boards of Directors over the past 25 years ranging from the Fortune 500 to recent IPOs in the US, Canada and around the world.

Because she fervently believes that Great Companies Deserve Great Boards, Bev's work focuses on taking boards to the top of their game in overseeing the companies they govern. She specializes in board and director evaluations that have a real impact and yield positive changes in board composition and operations. One CFO of a company whose board she worked with commented two years later: "Our board is night and day from the way they were before. This board now - they're better than McKinsey!"

A significant component of her practice has increasingly involved advising boards relative to succession planning for the Chief Executive Officer, arguably the single most important decision any board will make. She also works with CEOs and senior management teams to increase their own effectiveness in working with their boards.